Where Have I Been???

Hello everyone!
IF you enjoy reading my blog, you would know that for the last couple of months I haven't really been posting much. I thought id just explain why and what I am going to be doing with my blog in the future! enjoy...
In around October 2016 (it literally feels like last week) I moved schools, I wasn't happy where I was and I thought if I'm going to b in education for a further 3 years I should be somewhere where I can go with no worry. So I started at a really at this really small, tiny school, which is PERFECT for me. its like a little annexe on the side of a primary school.
 When I started there were only 3 pupils including me. YEAH, I told you it was tiny!!!! but now there is about 10-15 pupils roughly. The house re flexible to fit around peoples needs an ability's. People are there for soooo many different reasons including anxiety, disability and even pregnancy. it the perfect place for me.
As I stared a new school I thought I would put my blog, and all social media on hold for a little bit so I could get used to it and really put my head down. But I now feel really confident about going to school so I thought I would bring back my blog into my life. I have sooo many exciting posts for you all so you have that to look forward too!
I hope you understand why I haven't been active recently.

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