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Today i am going to be reviewing the Wipe Out! makeup removing cloth from Magnitone. They did kindly send this to me but I promise this will still be my 100% own opinion. 
The wipe out cloth is designed to remove your makeup with no soap and no fuss! 
all you need to is run it under warm water (or cold if you prefer) and wipe your face and your makeup  will just melt off! I've seen a few products like this in shops, I know Primark do one and also Makeup Revolution, but I've always kind of stayed away from them because I never understood how it work with no makeup remover? 
I always thought they never worked...
I usually use the Garnier Micellar water and a cotton pad, this is an amazing product but it can be  time-consuming.  so when I tried out the wipe out cloth I was very surprised about how well it worked.

I had a full face of makeup on and i tried to remove it all with this handy little cloth. so i ran it under warm water and stared to wipe my face. Before i looked in my bathroom mirror i looked at the cloth and in one wipe half my face was on it! I was so shocked in a
good way. my makeup literally melted off my face. also because the material is so, so soft it feels so luxurious on your skin, which is a bonus really! 

it got my face makeup off soooooo quickly, like it probably took under a minute which personally i thought was amazing! 

i was so impressed with how it removed my base makeup, so i was wondering if it would remove my mascara, so i again ran it under warm water and i walked my eye and my mascara came of straight away, in one wipe, my mascara came off. i was actually amazed because i didn't think it would work to remove mascara but i was wrong because it did! 
overall i am actually in LOVE with this! i am 100% going to be using it everyday to remove my makeup! it takes no where near as much time as a wipe or cotton.

I would recommend this to anyone who wears makeup as I am truly amazed by this genius little cloth!
Details about the Wipeout!

•in one box you get 2 cloths 
•for a box it costs £15
•each cloth can be used over 1000 times, yes 1000 times! 
•they are quick drying to ideal for travel 
•also perfect for sensitive skin!
•machine washable at 30 degrees  

Over all i rate this product 5/5 it did exactly what is says! and i love it! 
also on their website they have had 26 reviews and all 26 of them have been 5 stars out of 5! so you don't just have to take my word on it!

i hope you enjoyed reading this post,
see you very soon!
byeeeeeee x

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