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Hello Everyone!
So as you may or may not know, Tuesday the 14th February its Valentines day. So today I am going to be sharing with you a valentines makeup look. So this will have a flawless base, pretty, warm toned eyes and a nude lip. Also all the makeup products I am using are all drugstore! so, if this sounds like something you would like to read...carry on reading!
So for Primer you want something that is really glowy and brightening. So the one that I use is the L'Oreal Lumi MAGIQUE Pure Light Primer. This is really good at making your face look really glowy and fresh, but it also keeps your makeup on all day! It also feels really moisturising.
So I just put a pea-sized amount on the tip of my fingers and rub it in all over my face and I let it sink in a bit before I apply my foundation.
For foundation you want something really flawless, yet natural looking. So I would highly recommend the L'Oreal True Match. As well as having over 20 shades this has a beautiful natural finish and a build able coverage. I use shade 2.N vanilla ands its a perfect shade for my skin!
because you want a flawless coverage I would recommend using the Real Techniques Stippling brush, as I think this makes your base look flawless and not cakey.
So I just put a pump of product on the back of my hand and then  dot it all over my face, then blending it all in. But I avoid putting foundation under my eyes, because the more product you have under your eyes the more likely it is to crease and cake up. So blend every where but under your eyes!
For concealer it is yet another L'Oreal product! There all just so amazing! But the concealer I would recommend is the Touche Magique Dark Circles Concealer. This is really good at brightening and concealing your face.
So I apply is in triangles under my eyes, on the bridge of my nose, on my forehead and a dot on my chin. Then I blend it all in with my Real Techniques Miracle Eraser sponge. This just give you a really natural coverage and brightness all over your face.
All you really want the powder to do is set your face and mattify it, that's why I LOVE the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder. Everyone I know who has this powder absolutely loves this powder. It doesn't add any colour or coverage, just sets your face in place.
So I sweep this all over my face with the Real Techniques Powder Brush.
So to contour you probably know what I am going to say if you've been reading my blog for a while. So I use the French Connection Contour kit. The actual contour shade is a really naturel shade, its perfect for pale skin tones like mine and slightly warmer skin tones as well. Its also buildable so if you wanted a more harsh contour you can, or if you wanted a more toned down contour you can!
So I apply this to the hollows of my cheeks, nose, forehead and jawline using the Real Techniques contour brush.
For bronzer you just want to add a little warmth to your face. For that I use the Makeup Revolution Vivid Baked Bronzer in the shade READY TO GO. This just makes your face look really healthy and glowy. I love it!
To apply it I use the Real Techniques Blusher Brush and I sweep it in all the places where I contour.
On valentines day you want to GLOW, so the best drugstore highlighter in my opinion is the Makeup Revolution Vivid Baked Highlighter in the shade Golden Lights. This makes you G L O W if you don't like a really bright highlighter this wouldn't be the one for you because its so pigmented. Personally I love it. its a really pretty, champagne shade and its just gorgeous!
I apply this with my Real Techniques setting brush and I put it at the top of my cheekbones, tip of my nose and cupids bow.
Valentines day is all about really pretty eye makeup. So this is going to be warm eye shadow with fluttery lashes.
For eye shadow I am using all Makeup Obsession shadows. They are all so pigmented and have a  massive variety of shades.
So first of all I just put the shade Alba through my crease just to add some definition to my eye.
I then blend the shade Burnt through my crease to add some warmth to my eye.
I then add the shade Cosmo through the outer corner of my crease to add a sheen.
I then pack on the shade London on my inner corner to add a highlight on my eye.
Then on my outer corner I will add the shade Bullet to add more depth on my eye.
after I'm happy with the colour of my eye I just blend it all together, then that's the finished eye shadow!
For mascara you want something really fluttery and something that makes your lashes look fake without the hassle of actually applying false lashes. So I would recommend the L'Oreal False Lash X-Fibre Superstar. So this is in two steps, first is the mascara which adds volume to your lashes then step two adds vibes to your lased which adds length. I absolutely love how this mascara looks, the only thing I don't really like about it is the fact that its in two steps but to be honest I don't mind because its such an amazing result.
Eye Brows
At the moment there is so many eyebrow trends at the moment, but when you have such kind of dramatic eyes, if you one down your brows a bit it will make your eyes pop!
So the first thing I use to map out the shape of my brows is the Maybelline BROW Precise Micro Pencil. This is such a fine nib and its really easy to do natural looking brows. Its such a pigmented colour and I think its amazing! So you could fill your brows fully in with that, but I do prefer to do something a little bit more dramatic, which I will get onto in a sec!
So all I do is start from the tail end of my brow just doing tiny, hair like strokes. This just makes it easier to fill in your brows, even if you do just use this.
To fill in my brows a little more I use the Maybelline Master Brow Pallet, This is such a great brow powder kit. It has a tinted wax, a powder and a highlighter. The powder doesn't have much kick back in the pan, but if you don't tap off the access it can fall out a little bit. But to be honest, for the price and the quality I don't mind too much!
So I use the Morphe M158 brush and just fill in my brows with the powder until I am happy with how they look.  
So to set my brows in place, I use yet another Maybelline brow product! So I use the Brow Drama brow gel in transparent. This is just...amazing! it sets your brows in place, but don't make your brows look like, wet and greasy. I don't know if that makes sense but some brow gels look really shinny when their on your brows.
But I just brush this through my brows to set them in place.
Because of the kind of dramatic eye shadow, you want a really scuttle glossy lip. So I would recommend using the Soap and Glory, Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Stick in the shade Nudist. So this is basically a lip gloss but in like a crayon form. It loos just like a gloss when it applies to your lips. Its really smooth, but you do have to top it up quite a lot, but its quite a small tube so it is easy to carry around. The shade is just a basic nude with more pink tones. Its so pretty!
I just apply this to my lips for a really subtle, yet stunning lip look. MWAH!
So that's all for today I really hope you enjoyed and maybe found this helpful. Even if your staying in on valentines day, you can still make yourself look even more gorg than you already are!
Thank you so much for reading
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  1. Absolutely love this! Going to have to try a few of these products 😊Xx

    1. thank you chloe! there all amazing! i especially love the foundation! x


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