My Real-Techniques Collection - the best brushes ever!

Hello everyone!
So today I am going to be taking you through my Real-Techniques brush collection.
These aren't all the ones that I have, these are the ones that I used most often because I feel like I can give a better review on brushes I used everyday. You know what I mean? if you do want to see me go through my other brushes make sure you let me know me the comments!
Also not all the brushes I do use are real techniques ones, so if you also want to see a Brush Collection, also let me know in the comments!
but anyway, lets get straight into it!
The Brushes
Stippling Brush - I use this is I want a really flawless base. It really air brushes you face. So If I used this I would dot my foundation all over my face then I just blend it all into my face with this brush! I really love this! I don't use it everyday. but I do love it!
Buffing Brush - I used this if I know I would need to wear my makeup all day. This really packs on your foundation and makes it so easy to blend. so like the stippling brush I just dot it all over my face then blend it in! you can get this in the Core Collection.
Miracle Complexion Sponge - I used this if I want to just do my foundation really quickly. Its so easy to blend your foundation/concealer. It gives like a sheen finish so it was quite natural finish. I think this is my favourite thing to blend in my foundation.
Powder Brush - This is so good at like spreading out the powder and blending it in. it doesn't make your powder patchy and it gives a really airbrushed affect.
Contour Brush - this is so good for blending in contour to make like a shadow it looks so natural but you still look chiseled. You can get this in the Core Collection.
Sculpting Brush - This is a lot more dense as the contour brush but it does the same thing really. But this gives a more dramatic but still natural contour. I do prefer this brush for contouring though and then the contour brush to blend it all in! LOVE IT
Blusher Brush -  I'm not the biggest fan of blush, but recently I've been liking it lot more now. this brush has honestly made me like blush so much more because of How it applies. it doesn't make just a big pink circle on my cheeks, it really blends it out to make it look really natural. it doesn't make the blush too pigmented on my cheeks but you can notice it and that's how I like to have blush.

Miracle Mini eraser Sponge - I use these to blend it my concealer under my eyes and all the places where I don't want to use the original miracle complexion sponge. These are so good at getting rid of any harsh lines as well. like if you didn't blend your contour properly you could just use these and it will seamlessly blend away the harsh lines. I seriously don't know what I would do without them!
Eyebrow Brush - I use this pretty much everyday to do my eyebrows. and its amazing. the only thing I don't really like about it is that its quite thick. I would prefer it if it was a little bit finer, but I do still really like it. you only need a tiny bit of product when using this brush. you can get this in the Starter Set.
So that's all for now I really hope you enjoyed this and found it helpful in some way! I will see you very soon. make sure you comment down below brushes that you would recommend for me to try!
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