My New Years Resolutions For 2017

Hello Everyone!
I just want to start off by saying happy new year to everyone! I don't think its too late yet to say that!
but i hope you all have an AMAZING year this year. have a year full of joy and happiness!
so today I am going to be sharing with you 10 of my new years resolutions. some of them are big and some of them are small. but hopefully I can keep to at least 8 of them!
I hope this could maybe give you some inspiration for your new years resolutions!
but any way, lets go!
1. Eat healthier.
 so I just want to start eating a lot healthier, not like going on a really strict diet, but just so I feel better in myself. so to have a more balanced diet and to just in general eat more healthy. so swapping chocolate for fruit and sweets to cereal bar. just  things like that. but that's going to be SO hard because I got so many sweets and chocolate for Christmas! HAHAHAHA! and I know that literally everyone says this, but I do honestly just want to eat a lot healthier!
2. Be more active.
I love sport, but I dint do as much of it as I could. I usually go on a really long walk once a week and try to do something else as well. which I know is not enough. but I love sport and the fresh air, but I just need to find time to do some exercise. also doing exercise helps you not feel as tired and I'm ALWAYS tired so that's another reason as well.
3. be more organised.
so this is with everything, my blog, my bedroom, when I'm going out, getting ready. literally everything!
4. be more tidy.
I'm not the tidiest person ever. but I don't like mess (bit odd I know) so I just want to be more tidy and tidy up more. I don't even know if this makes sense.
5. keep a diary/journal.
I know so many people that keep a hand written journal or diary what ever you want to call it, and I just think its a good idea so that I  the future I can come back to it in the future and just look back at all my memorise!
so if you know me you would know that I can not go shopping without buying makeup. I don't need loads of make up! all I need is one foundation, not 103804. I need to go on a makeup spending ban. that is going to be the hardest one!
7. drink more water
I suppose this counts as being healthy but water can make such a difference in your day to day life and It like washes your body from the inside or something like that. I don't know. but I want to drink more water!
8. Stop using my phone so much.
I am on my phone ALL the time and I just want to be more in touch with the real world, (I heard that on the tv lol) and yeah that will also help with doing more exercise.
9. Be more adventurous
this one can be literally anything, from trying new foods to climbing a mountain (not literally, I would probz die if I attempted to climb a mountain) anything!
10. be more grateful for the smaller things in life.
being grateful is SOOOOO important. not just for the big things if your life but like if some keeps a door open for you, they did it to be helpful. but basically just notice the little things in life.
So that's all for today I hope you enjoyed. ill probably do another post saying if I kept to them, in the future.
I will see you very soon

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