My Little Trip To London

Hello Everyone!
as you may have seen by my social media, I had a little trip to London with my mum.
 We stayed for one night from the Friday 30th of December to Saturday 31st. We stayed at the Travelodge in Covent Garden. a good tip of getting a great deal on a room is by booking really early in advance. I don't know exactly what the rice of the room was, but I know we got a really good deal! because it was only one night it was perfect. the bed was comfy and there was a little dressing area, TV and a bathroom with a bath/shower. I think there was the option of having breakfast but we went out for breakfast in the morning.
Friday 30th December
So on Friday we didn't really have much planned, the only thing we had planned was going to the Theatre. My mum has always wanted to go and see the musical Jersey Boys, so that's what we went to see! it was amazing! the first half went kind of fast and it was quite hard to understand at some points but as it went on you understood it more. I would recommend this musical to anyone. it did have a little bit of swearing in it everyone now and then. But it wasn't too bad. The music is great. and it was really upbeat. My mu described it as 'It was one of  the best shows I've ever seen' and she's seen a lot! but I wont talk too much about it, you'll have to go and see it yourself!
But in the day we just went walking round London, it was SOOOOOOO busy. We went to the South Bank (near the London Eye) because they have like a Winter Market that runs from the 11th of November too the 25th of January. Its mainly food then there's some quirky little stands selling all sorts. It looked so cute. there were all fairy lights and little wooden huts. I LOVED IT! the food was yummy too!
I cant go to London without taking a look at all the makeup shops. I was really interested in the Body Shop make up. So in the Covent Garden store the lady was so helpful. she colour matched my skin for a foundation and she did everything she could do to help us. I wish I could say the same about the Oxford Street Store. Even though I ended up buying the foundation from there the staff weren't very helpful. I saw a concealer that I really liked so I looked on the makeup counter but there wasn't any left so I asked one lady if she knew if there would be anymore that haven't been put out, she just said to me that she was 'too busy' and just walked off. I then asked someone else who didn't seem very happy that I asked them to actually do something. So I asked he the same question she said  in a not very cheery voice 'ill go and have a look' so she went to the door at the end of the store then turned round before she got to the door and gave it to someone else and they walked in the opposite direction and just put it back on the counter. I didn't get eh concealer in the end. but I was really annoyed about the staff in the store. I wouldn't recommend going to tat store! My mum spoke to the manager about it and she said that there was no makeup experts in the store so they wouldn't know, even though the two ladies we asked were both helping people at the makeup counter. but all they had to do was see if there was anymore out the back of the store?
BUT anyway, I bought the foundation and its my new fave, so its all good! I would recommend the fountain but not the Oxford Street store!

Saturday 31st December
On Saturday Morning we met some friends that live near London for breakfast at the Hilton hotel (I cant remember where it was) it was SOOOOO yummy!! I had pancakes with maple syrup and fruit. I could eat it everyday for every meal it was so nice!
After we had all finished breakfast we all went ice skating! well that's everyone apart from my mum, the last time she went ice skating, she fell over and hurt her back! But I went on with our frinds. we went ice skating at the National History Mueasum. it was really good there were people helping and showing people how to skate and if you fell over they were right over to see if you were okay. The only thing though, the people that we were with bought a penguin because they had small children who had never skated before, and someone actually took it and when we said to the people who worked there they said that there wasn't anymore left. But then they finally found one so drama over! they did everything they could to help!

After skating we went to have a look around the National History Museum. I've been before but it was a couple of years ago so its changed so much! Before we actually walked round we stopped off at one of the MANY cafes dotted around the whole museum. even though the queue was reeeeaaaallllyyyyy long it was worth the wait! after out fuel stop at the café we went and had a look round. I find it so interesting all the facts, but you do literally get OVERLOADED with facts! But one of the many great things about it is that you don't have to pay. so if you went a look round and didn't really fancy staying for long, it wouldn't matter too much because its FREE!
Another tip is to go to the back entrance which is rust round the right of the building instead of waiting in the really long queue to get in, you can usually just walk right in!

So after that we just went a look round the shops in Piccadilly Circus. AND IT WAS SOOOOOOOOOOOO BUSY. you could hardly walk. its not a good idea to go shopping in the holidays. ESPECIALLY when there's all the sales on!

Also, if your in London near Christmas time and you love just walking round I would defo recommend going to Regents Street because the Christmas lights are GORG! well actually all the Christmas lights in London are pretty. I wished they kept them up ALL year!

So after just having a little walk round, taking in all the sights of London. Me and my mum got on the train and made our way home! I was so tired I fell asleep on the train. I NEVER SLEEP IN THE DAY. I can only sleep in the day if I'm really, really, really tired. and I was. my mum said I was in such a deep sleep that she had to tap me, shout me, tickle me, shake me and do everything to wake me up!

But anyway..
that's all for now. i do hope you have enjoyed! and I hope this has helped you in some way!
see you soon

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