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Hello everyone!
Mellow Cosmetics very kindly sent me a few of their products to try and review for you all.
They sent me their Treasure Chest Eye shadow Pallet, 5 Matte Liquid Lip Paints and 4 Ultra Matte Lipsticks. So they are a fairly new makeup brand who don't test on animal, which is amazing!
But today I am going to review for you all the products that they sent me!
I just want to say that these are going to be my 100% honest opinion, I'm not going to lie about them just because they sent me them.
but anyway
hope you enjoy!
The Treasure Chest Eyeshadow Pallet
So this has 12 different shades. there are 8 shimmers and 4 matte shades. The shimmer shades are more pigmented than the mattes but they are all still pigmented.
The shades are called (from left to right)
Crystal - This is such a beautiful white shimmer shade, its really good for inner corner highlight!
Topaz - This is a yellow shimmer shade. this would be really good in the summer because its so bright!
Amber - This is like a bronzy, copper, rose gold shade. its really pretty and so pigmented! this is a shimmer.
Rose Gold - This is a rose gold, bronzy shade, its slightly more warm toned than amber, but its SO PRETTY! its also a shimmer.
Tiger Eye - This is a warm brown shade. Its a matte shade and I think this is one of my favourite shades.
Pearl - This is a muted pastel pink shade. its so pretty and would look really nice I the summer along with Topaz.
Amethyst - This is a pearly pink shimmer shade. this would also go really nicely with Topaz and Pearl.
Smoked Tapaz - This is a gold, bronzy shade. It looks so nice with Tiger Eye. its also a shimmer.
Rhodonite - This is a lilac shimmer shade. its so pretty!
Garnet - This is like a deep wine, purple shimmer shade. it would look gorgeous for autumn.
Smokey Quartz - This is a Khaki under toned brown matte shade. with purple undertones as well.
Onyx - This is a really warm toned brown. Its so pretty and its matte too!

SO I really like this pallet. it does have fall out but, what eyeshadow doesn't have a little bit of fall out. But to be honest, for the pigmentation and the colour pay off, a little bit of fall out doesn't bother me too much. 

Creamy Matte Lipsticks 

So they sent me 4 Creamy Matte Lipsticks and they are all so pretty, in the range there are 10 shades altogether, and the whole range looks stunning!

The shades they sent to me...

Posh - This is your classic matte nude. its stunning. as you may know I love nude lipsticks and I love this one too!

Nude - This is a pink toned nude. its really pretty and its a really good shade if you were going for a 'No Makeup Make-up Look'.

Passion - this is a bubble-gum, pastel pink shade. its so pretty. I'm not the biggest fan of pinks, but I love this!

Candy Floss - This Is a blue undertone pink. I don't think I would reach for this one as much as I would the others, just because the colour is so pigmented and bright. it would be really nice for the summer!

All of the lipsticks I received are really pigmented and long lasting. there not very drying either on your lips which is a bonus!

Liquid Lip Paint

they sent my 5 of there absolutely STUNNING liquid lipsticks. In the range, there are 10 shades.

The shades they sent me...

New York - This is quite a deep purple shade. It would be so beautiful in the Autumn months.

Paris - This is a warm, red shade. it would look nice all year round because its not to cool to be a 'winter red' but not to warm to be a 'summer red'.

Rome - This is a light blue undertone pink. Its so pretty. it would look great on people with fair skin tones, but personally I think on warmer skin tones, it may look too light.

Shanghai - This is a warm toned brown, nude. I really love this. I love this shade so much. I've worn this all the time since I got it.

Tehran - This is a classic nude, and its stunning. it has grey undertones but its so pretty. this is also one of the ones I've been wearing nearly everyday.

They go onto your lips really smoothly, and they pigmentation is amazing. They re not too drying either!

So that's all Mellow Cosmetics sent me, make sure you check out their website, because they have exciting things coming up.
But that's all from me for now see you soon,

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