Beauty Christmas Wishlist-2016

Beauty Christmas Wish List
Hello Everyone!
Today I am going to be sharing with you all, my Beauty Christmas Wish List. I'm going to do another one for other thinks as well, but today I am doing my beauty one!
This will include, beauty products, makeup, beauty tools and what ever else is included in 'beauty'!
If you read my Birthday Wish list, some of the things may be the same, so I wont go on too much about them!
happy reading!
ill probably do it in order of Brands, so a bit of Morphe, a lil' bit of Tanya Burr cosmetics and anything else I decide to throw in!
Starting with Morphe. 
The first thing I really want it the Morphe 3F5 Fall Into Frost Pallet (I think that's the name, it will be linked). I want this because all the shades are right up my street there gorgeous. I love warm toned shadows and there a whole 35 colour pallet of them! its heaven!
The other Morphe Pallets that caught my eye were the Nature Glow Eye Shadow Pallet in matte, I think that's what its called. But this is absolutely STUNNING! its all matte warm shades and as I said before that's my idea of heaven! I also really like the Shimmer version of that!
There is also the Nature Glow pallet with some shimmers and some mattes, so its basically a mix of both!
I also love the look of the Natural Beauty eye shadow pallet, because it looks a little smaller but amazing shades!
there are so many other pallets that I love the look of but there my faves, take a loom on the Morphe website your self and let me know which ones jump out at you!
Now onto MUA (makeup academy) Cosmetics.
So there is quite a few things from MUA, so lets get stared!
Thee fist thing that I have wanted ever since it came out is The Burning Embers eye shadow pallet, (what a eye shadow pallet) because.. OMG have you seen it. its the most stunning pallet IN THE WORLD. I've all of the shades in it. Its
Also from MUA I have really been loving lately their MUA Luxe Velvet Lip lacquers and they have some new shades which are stunning! The shades that have really caught my eye are Hustle which is like a dark nude colour, which is me in a lip product, Poise which is a bit of a lighter shade which is ALSO me in lip product and finally I really like he look of the shade Firecraker because it just looks like a 'me' red. I just love them because they dry matte, stay on your lip and don't dry them out! I LOVE them!
The next things from MUA are some of their brushes. So I had a little look on the MUA website the other day and these brushes look AMAZING I didn't even know that MUA did tools, but I was pleasantly surprised when I found out that they did! So obvs I want to try some!
So the first one I really would like is the F13 Angled Contour Buffer Brush, because it just looks amazing quality like all the others but I really just want to try it! The next brush I would also love is the F11 Highlighting brush, because I see everyone using brushes like this and I've always wanted to try a brush like this. Next bush is the F7 Small Fan Brush because I have a bigger fan brush and it sometimes seems a bit TOO big and I just really want a smaller one. 
The next brush is the E3 Blending and Shadow Brush because I've ALWAYs wanted an eye shadow brush like this to really blend out my crease. The final brush I really like the look of is the F6 Blusher & Contouring Brush, because it just looks so soft and it looks like it will make such a natural contour!
The next brand is Tanya Burr Cosmetics.
I've never really tried 'Youtuber makeup' but I've heard so many amazing reviews on Tanya Burr Cosmetics, so I really want to try some!
So the first thing that I think looks amazing is the Lunch Date Lip Gloss because recently I've been loving glossy lips, but I've never found a shade that I really like the look of, but as soon as I saw this, I really wanted it!
The next thing which is a lip product what a surprise, is the Martha Moo Matte Lip Gloss, I saw Tanya wearing this is one of her videos and I fell in love with it!
The next lip product is The Lip stick in Pink Cocoa, I'm in love with this shade. I don't know why I haven't already got this because the colour is amazing!
The next lip product is another lipstick in the shade Happily Ever After, this shade is so pretty and I LOVE it. I think I've said that for every single thing!
The next lip product is the lipstick in the shade Big Kiss. I love this colour its quite festive and gorg!
OKAY that's enough Tanya Burr lip products for now!!!!
I cant think of anything else at the moment, but ill probably do a part two, because I don't want to make this TOO long.
But I hope you enjoyed and found this helpful.
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and ill see you, very soon!

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