Natural and flawless Autmn Makeup Look

Natural and Flawless
Hello everyone!
So this, Autumn my favourite makeup look has been a very natural makeup look.  But still flawless! So some people when they pair Autumn and makeup together, to them it means dark lips and fully coverage, but sometimes dark lips and a full coverage face can be a bit scary for some people! Or you may just prefer a more Natural make up look but today I'm going to show you (quite possibly my new favourite make up look) My Natural and Flawless Makeup look!
I don't use a foundation, because I find that it clogs up my pores and doesn't really help my skin. but if you would prefer to use one if you would like more coverage. you will still look gorgeous!
So the first thing I ALWAYS use is the Collection Prime and Ready Primer. This is a mattifying and pore minimiser primer and it does exactly hat! also you can wear it without foundation, it just gives you a lovely, natural matte base! Quite a lot of people don't really see the point in primers, and to be honest before I got this one I didn't really think they would do anything, but OMG its amazing! I cant say its the best primer ever because its the only one I've ever tried, but I love it! Its so silky and smooth and it makes my makeup always look flawless! So I just put a pea sized amount on the tips of my fingers and just apply it all over my face, then I just wait a little bit for it to sink in and dry.
As I don't use a foundation as I explained before, so I go straight in with concealer. I use the BaryyM Light Reflecting Concealer This is my favourite!!!! I love it. I have quite yellow toned skin and I find it so hard to find concealers that don't go really pink on my face but when I found this I was so happy. I've got shade 2 which I think is called nude. The label came off when I took off the packaging. But this is amazing! it covers up any under eye shadows, redness or blemishes and its not cakey. it goes on like a dream! I also love the fact that it has like a little brush on the end, not like a sponge. it just gives a nice added touch! so I just apply the concealer under my eyes, on the bridge of my nose, on my cupids bow, on my chin and a little bit on my forehead, then if I have and blemishes I will just put a little bit over them. then I just blend it into my skin with the Max Studio Stippling Brush (which is A M A Z I N G). It blends so, so easily and gives a natural dewy look.
another concealer I use if I just want to wear minimal makeup is the Natural Collection Cover up cream in the shade medium. this isn't a very high coverage concealer but it does leave your skin with medium coverage I would say. its such a soft formula. If you've ever tried the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams is kind of fells like that on your face but even more creamy. But I do really like this. when I wear it I put  it in the same places as the BarryM concealer.
For powder I actually use 2. the first one I use is the Essence All About Matt Fixing Compact Powder. I use this to set my concealer, setting your face with powder avoids it going cakey but still makes your base look flawless, as its translucent there is no colour but it sets concealer really nicely. I just use a small powder brush and blend a bit of the powder all over my face.
The second powder I use is the Kiko Matte Fusion Powder in shade 02. I absolutely love this powder. its so smooth, its adds coverage and colour. As soon as I put it on my skin immediately looks more awake and bright. So I dust this all over my face using the Real Techniques Powder Brush.
for contour I use the French Connection Contour Kit. I got this for my birthdays and ever since then I've used it everyday. It has a contour shade, which is the best contour shade ever its not too warm or not too cool and ashy toned. Its P E R F E C T! there's no lines on your face. it gives you a nice natural shadow and contour. So I just apply the contour shade on my check bones, on my nose and on my forehead.
For bronzers have 2 that I wear (not on the same day). they are the Rimmel London Natural Bronzer in the shade 025 Sunglow, I love this bronzer. its not orange on my skin and its not really sparkly either. its quite a brown toned bronzer I would say.  sometimes but this over my contour to give it a little bit more colour. So I just use a bronzing brush and put it over my contour and I warm up my face.
The other bronzer I have is the Natural Collection Sun Tint Bronzing Powder in the shade golden glow, this gives you a very natural tint of colour. I use this if I was to have a really natural contour or warmth on my face, because its not crazy pigmented but I do still really like it. so I just do the same with this bronzer so I use a bronzing brush just to warm up my face with it!
Now onto blush, I don't like C R A Z Y pigmented blushers, so I have the Miss Sporty Ohh Blushed Again 2 Toned Blusher in shade 3 which is called Sienna. This is such a gorgeous colour. like I said its not crazy pigmented, but when you apply it the more you apply the more pink and rosey your cheeks will look. Its such a gorgeous colour though. I love the fact that its a 2 tone blusher as well. its looks quite pink in the pan but I promise it isn't when you put it on! So I just use a blusher brush and I apply this on the apples of my cheeks and upwards.
Onto brows! the main this I use on my eyebrows is the NYX Tame and Frame Tinted Pomade. THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER!! You can shape your eyebrows, fill them in or just give them a little tint with it! I love it so much! I also love doing my eyebrows. Its really easy to use ands its not as scary as it looks! Its not clumpy and it doesn't go patchy throughout the day. its also water proof which is a bonus! So I use the Real Techniques eyebrow brush to fill in my eyebrows, I try to do it like ombre so I put less products on the start of my brow and I define and shape my brow more further along the brow. If I fell that my eyebrows aren't filled in enough I will use the Collection Eyebrow Kit in the shade blonde, there is 3 different shades and I use the middle shade which is a cool toned brown, before I have used the powders as eye shadow because there so pigmented!
Now onto eye shadow, I'm not going to tell you the shades that i use because if I do an eye look I do it different every time! So the main pallets that I use I'm Autumn are the W7 In The City pallet, this is amazing the shades are all matte and I would say this is a dupe of the Urban Decay Basics Pallet... just look at it!
 I also love to use the W7 In The Nude pallet, this is a dupe for the Urban Decay Naked 3 pallet, I heard people raving about how good this pallet so when I saw it I had to get it! There eye shadows are so pigmented and they last all day! there amazing!
Another eye shadow pallet which I love it the Ted Baker All In The Eyes pallet. the shades in this pallet are all so pretty! there super pigmented and the packaging is lovely! I do wish that all the shades had names though. that would make it perfect!
The final eye shadow pallet that I use is the Sleek I-Divine Pallet in the shade Au Naturel. if you read my My Birthday Wish List blog (click on it to go and read it!) you would have seen that I wanted one of these pallets to bad! and I got one. I was so happy! the shades in this pallets are so, so pretty, I actually love it especially for autumn!
On my lips for a Natural look I don't use lipsticks I just go for a gloss, I just use a High Shine Lip Gloss from Primark. its a lovely colour and the shine is amazing! I just apply a little bit of this. I do usually have to re-apply it quite a few times but I do with any gloss to be honest.
Onto the last thing which is mascara! I have 2 favourites, they are the Rimmel London Lash Accelerator Endless and the W7 Absolute Lashes. both these mascaras are amazing! The Rimmel one gives you volume, length and curl and no clumps I love it! The W7 mascara is a dupe for the Benefit There're Real and by the packaging they look exactly the same! I cant say the same for the actual product because I've never tried it but I think its amazing!
so that's all for now! I hope you enjoyed reading this. if you have any makeup looks that you love, let me know in the comments!


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  1. Hey Mia love this look.
    And I am in love with the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette. It's my favourite. Probably cause that's the only one I own. 😅


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