Christmas Present Ideas-Polaroid Camera! #1

Polaroid Cameras-Present Ideas!
Hello everyone!
so as it is now the lead up to Christmas ( exciting I know), a lot of people will be panicking about getting presents for people. And I know Christmas isn't just about the presents but for some people enjoy giving to people.
 Before I entered this whole world of blogging I was always panicking about 'what can I buy for people?!' or 'is this even any good?!' so that's why I thought it would be a good idea to review a few things that I own, that people may want to buy for others! So I'm going to do a little series, on the lead up the Christmas reviewing things, to help you all out! (thank me later!)
So today I am going to reviewing for you all the Fujifilm instax mini 8 which is an instant camera. These are the ones that you've probably seen flying through the internet. there quite vintage look, I would say. They are a great gift for anyone really! I was actually bought this for Christmas last year, and when I opened it I was SO EXCITED! I did ask for this, but then I was asking myself would I use it. And the answer to that is I do! The only things that is a bit annoying is that if you take it out somewhere, you do have to take some films as well, just in case you run out.
 I use the Fujifilm instax instant film, which are just there ones that have the white, border. I know you can get some coloured films, but I just stick to the white!
So the camera takes such cute, tumblr looking photos, there credit car size prints, so they're a nice handy size. The camera is easy to use, it comes with instructions that are really easy to read as well! there are different settings that are explained in the instructions, that change the exposure, so if its a really bright day and your taking photos out side, just remember to change the setting or the photo wont come our very well!  
After you take a photo it takes a couple of minutes to come out properly. Just remember that where you look through, if your taking close up photos, isn't actually what's going to be takes, it will be more left.
The camera quality isn't the best, but it think that gives it a better effect.
You can get little accessories for it like a Selfie mirror so you can take selfies and see what your taking (ill link one) and a little bag that's designed for the camera, so you can carry it easier.
You can get a couple of different coloured cameras, but I just wanted white so I could keep it on show in my room!
Personally I think this is an amazing gift. If your thinking of buying one for someone I would defo do it! I'm so thankful for mine! But if you are, I would also get some films as well!
If you do have one, or are now going to or have already bought one, let me know in the comments or Tweet me, or send me it on Instagram!
Thanks for reading I hope you found this helpful!

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