Christmas Present Ideas- GHD hair straightners #2

GHD Hair Straighteners- Christmas Present Ideas #2
Hello Everyone!
So yesterday I uploaded a post about my Polaroid camera. I'm doing a series on the run up to Christmas reviewing products that you may want to buy for people for Christmas! I hope you find this helpful, and enjoy reading!
Today I'm going to be reviewing the GHD V Gold Professional Styler Classic. So I got these for Christmas last year and ever since I got them I've used them nearly everyday.  There amazing! I know there a bit on the pricey side of hair straighteners but honestly they're amazing! I've used some cheaper ones and honestly there not as good. the only reason I don't use them everyday is because if I straightened my hair on a Monday, it would still be straight on the Wednesday. They're that good! 
So there is are a lot of different types of GHD Straighteners, but my cousin chose these because she's a hairdresser, and she said they would be good for me because I have quite thick hair, and they are amazing, I cant even explain. There good on all hair types. I've tried them on my mum and she has quite thin and fine hair and they still work on her hair as well.
They make your hair have like a natural shine, and your hair after doesn't feel like you've set fire to it, it just makes your hair feel so soft, and makes is look all flowy and glossy.
So when your doing your hair, and if you need to out them down you can just put them on a surface, it doesn't burn it! also when you've finished, there's a little like cap thing, that goes over your straighteners so you can just put them away s its nice and quick. They only take about 1-2 minutes to warm up. You cant adjust the heat but I personally think that its okay, because if you could I wouldn't really know what heat to set them on!
I love the design of them, they look really nice and they work so well! Mine are the V Gold ones so they have gold heated plates.
I absolutely love mine, they are amazing. So again if your thinking of buying for someone, do it!
I hope this helped you!
let me know if you've got these, or are going to get them, by commenting, Tweeting me or message me on Instagram!
Thank you for reading

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