BarryM Haul

BarryM Haul
hello everyone!
So the other day I took a trip to Boots and I literally looked at every make-up counter the was! On my last blog post I said that the BarryM concealer was the best colour for me and that I really liked it so I decided to have a look at the rest of the BarryM products. So today I am going to show you all my BarryM Haul!

So I usually only dive into the BarryM products when I'm looking for a good nail varnish, because OMG there amazing! as I said, on my last post I bought the Flawless Light Reflecting Concealer and it was the right colour for me. So I thought that if the was the perfect colour they may have other products that were perfect for me. And I can tell you that there is!

So the first thing I bought was a foundation. This was the Flawless Matte Finish Foundation, I absolutely LOVE this. I don't usually like wearing a foundation because I feel like they clog up my skin and that they bring up spots and cover them, but this one has changed my mind. For starters its the PERFECT colour, I found it so hard to find the right foundation colour, and I was so happy that I found a foundation that wasn't too warm, or wasn't too pink toned. I finally found one that was the perfect colour match to my skin. I got shade 2 which is Nude I think, so its the same shade as the concealer, its also from the 'Flawless' range that BarryM are doing. This goes on like a dream. it has such good coverage, its amazing! its also build able so if you feel like you want even more coverage you can build it up. This has got to be one of the best makeup products I have ever bought! I also think this looks like the Benefit Hello Flawless Foundation. I have actually tried this and I much prefer the BarryM one!

The next thing i bought is the new Glowmance Soft Focus Revitalising Cream. this can be used as a primer or to put on top of your makeup to give you a natural bronze and glow. I use this as a primer and I LOVE it! It gives you a really nice and natural glow. its such a nice formula and it goes onto your skin really nicely. its so smooth and its not too thick, or too thin, its just right. I haven't tried putting it on top of my makeup to refresh my face, but when I do ill tweet if I like it or not, so you can follow my twitter which is @in_mia_land so you can keep updated!

The next thing I bought, which I have never tried before is the Flawless Mist and Fix Dewy Finish Makeup Setting Spray. I never really understood setting sprays before I got this. I just thought it was another layer on my face, but I absolutely love this! I usually go for a more of a matte finish because I always thought having a dewy finish was just shiny. but this gives your skin a really natural shine and glow. it also makes your make up look a solid 10/10 all day long!

I also bought a new Flawless Light Reflecting Concealer just so I have another one, because its my fave! I don't want to ever run out of it! Dear BarryM please can you send me a lifetime supply of your Hello Flawless Concealer, thank you. I'm joking obviously but i do honestly love this!

I then got the BarryM Shape and Define Brow Kit in the shade Light to Medium, this comes with a wax, a colour and a highlighter. i honestly don't know how BarryM does this! this is A M A Z I N G! i don't usually like powders because i find that they aren't the best if you want really full looking eyebrows, but this has completely changed my mind... again! the colour is SO pigmented and its the correct colour for my brows! the wax keeps them in shape. and the highlight is just the pigmentation. its not too glowy but you can defiantly see it! i also love the fact that along with the brush, the kit comes with some mini tweezers, which is so handy and its a really nice added touch. This is amazing!

The last thing i bought was a mascara. i got the Showgirl mascara and this is amazing! (I'm running out of words!). its not the best mascara ever but I do love it. There is literally zero clumps. it lifts and curls my lashes and really makes them stand out! its build able as well, so if you want a bit more drama on your lashes you can build it up and it doesn't go clumpy. i love it!

so there is one more thing that technically i didn't actually buy. So in Boots, if you spend over £7.50 you get a FREE EYESHADOW PALLET!!! I'm actually amazed! the pallet is so gorgeous! so the pallet you get free when you spend over £7.50 is the Red Carpet Ready Limited Edition pallet. it comes with 6 super pigmented beautiful shades, and a primer! i personally think adding the primer is such a nice touch! its also super handy! this is such a gorgeous pallet, and the shades are beautiful!

i love the fact that BarryM adds the extra touches like adding the mini tweezers and adding the primer. it shows that they care about helping there customers! i think BarryM is now one of my favourite makeup brands ever!
 if you've ever tried any BarryM products let me know in the comments below, also let me know if you now want to use some of the amazing products

thank you so much for reading i hope you enjoyed!


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