The Autumn Tag

The Autumn Tag

So Autumn is one of my favourite season, EVER! So I thought that I would do the Autumn Tag. There are a few beauty question, fashion questions and a few others as well!! There are 10 questions all together, so lets get into it! also you have clicked on the right blog! I changed it a bit, do you all like it? leave me a comment!!
Question 1~ What is your favourite thing about Autumn?
 My favourite thing about Autumn is probably being all cosy at night and how it looks, I think it is defiantly one of the prettiest seasons with all the orange leaves on ground, and the noise they make when you walk through them. Autumn makes me feel like this emoji... LTTERALLY!

Question 2~ What is your favourite Autumn drink?

My favourite drink, without a doubt is hot chocolate. but with cream and marshmallows. ITS HEAVEN!!! all the marshmallows melt its so nice! I would recommend!! it also makes it look super pretty as well!!

Question 3~What is your go to make up look?

My go to make-up look it a natural base but with a warm toned eye look and either a nude or a dark cherry lip!! My favourite nude lip would be MUA lipstick in Bare and my favourite dark lip colour would be Essence Don't stop the nude.

Question 4~ What if your favourite Autumn scent?

I don't know if this is going to sound weird, but I think that Autumn has a scent... does anyone else think this? but I cant explain the scent? its just Autumny? (pulled confused face and tries to change subject) but I also love berry because its such a fresh scent and it just reminds me of Autumn because you always see berry bushes and its just CUTE and my favourite Autumn scent!

Question 5~ What is your go to Autumn outfit?

My go to Autumn outfit would go a little like, an over sized jumper (with the sleeved rolled up a little) and some skinny jeans. also I would have a woolly hat. WITH A POM POM and a Parker coat.

Question 6~ Where is your favourite place to be in Autumn and why?

My favourite place to be in Autumn is all tucked and cosy on my sofa in front of the fire! #AutumnGoals. or outside taking photos!

Question 7~ What is your favourite Autumn colour?

My favourite Autumn colour is orange like the colour of the leaves on the ground and dark cherry. those colours just remind me of Autumn.

Question 8~ What signifies to you that its Autumn? 

When I can stand and watch a leaf twill off a tree. That means its Autumn!!!

Question 9~ What is your least favourite thing about Autumn?

My least favourite thing about Autumn is probably  the weather. some days it looks FREEZING and its really warm out then sometimes it looks warm but its actually freezing! how confusing!!!! And I don't like the cold, bitter weather, my hands swell up when they get too cold, does this happen to anyone else? comment down below if it happens to you.

Question 10~ Is Autumn your favourite season?

I love Autumn because I love being all warm and cosy, and wearing fluffy socks! But I think summer is my favourite season because I look forward to the weather being warm not cold. but I still LOVE Autumn. I think its just under summer!

I hope you all enjoyed this blog! Comment below what your favourite thing about Autumn is!
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  1. I love Autumn and can agree with you on all of these points! I also like watching a scary movie or binge watching a TV series in Autumn <3

    1. its probably the best time too binge watch programmes!!


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