Girly Nights In- The Ultimate Autumn Sleepover Guide!

The Ultimate Autumn Sleepover Guide!


Hello everybody! sorry I haven't posted in a while. I promise I will try to most more often now! But anyway today I am going to be telling you THE ULTIMATE AUTUMN SLEEPOVER GUIDE! So if you would like to have the Ultimate Best Ever Sleepover... EVER... carry on ready!
So sleepovers are so fun, hanging out with your friends all night! then waking up with them in the morning! But you cant just have any old boring sleepover can you? You need to have sleepover goals! This is going to be the guide of how to have just that!


So one of the most important things at a sleepover, and anywhere really, is music! you cant have a good time without it! at the moment there are so many good songs around. Try looking at the UK Top 40 Charts, so you will have the most up to date music! One of the most important things is that you have to like the songs you play! my favourite songs recently have got to be...
Ariana Grande & Niki Minaj- side to side.  OMG ITS THE BEST SONG EVER!! it has such a good beat and rhythm, you cant listen to it without wanting to dance a little to it!
Drake- One Dance. I think this is the best song of 2016, its sooooo good!
Rhianna- work. I don't care how annoying this song can be. I love it!!
Justin Bieber & Major Lazer- cold water. I love Justin and this song sooo much!
Of course there is more but there just some of my favourites! If you like any of these songs too... drop a comment down below!!!



FOOD, FOOF, FOOD WHERE DO I START? you cant have a decent sleepover without food! Takeaways are always a good bet. My Favourite take away is probably Pizza, preferably Dominios! I have BBQ base, Tandoori Chicken, Sweetcorn and Pineapple! don't knock it till you've tried it! ITS AMAZING! But you can get pretty much anything you want to eat! there are apps including Dliveroo, Just Eat and others where you can order food and it can be delivered to your door! also its always good to have snacks, like crisps, sweets and anything else you like. Because what would a midnight feast  be without food?... it would literally just be midnight!!!! and that's no fun!


Personally I thing that films are always more enjoyable when your with your friends! If its a comedy; you can laugh together. if its a romantic; you can all crush on the 'hot' boy together. or if its a sad movie; you can cry together!!! To be honest. I don't spend my spare time watching films, but I do like to watch one every now and then! I don't have a favourite film but I do love a Disney film! or if you have Netflix you could have look on there! there is always some good films or series on there. or you could even go to the shops and have a look what films they have there! or you could just chill and watch some YouTube. who doesn't like to do that!


Its always good to have some activities to do! one things that I love to do and is really fun is 'The Blindfolded Make-up Challenge' its where you are blindfolded and you attempt to do your friends makeup! trust me, you think you've done amazing but when you take the blindfold off you look like you've had a fight with your makeup bag! ill leave a link to a YouTube video of it so you can check it out! There are loads of other challenges too like the chubby bunny challenge but there are sooo many. if you know any other fun challenges make sure you comment them down below!


so this is THE most important thing at a sleepover. you have to know the person/people you invite! because they are going to be sleeping in your house! I wouldn't invite too many people. if its your first sleepover, its always good to just invite one person round to see if you like it. But personally I always stick with one person, because if you invite too many some people might feel left out! but you could try it! the more the merrier I suppose!!
that is all for this blog. I hope it has helped you and I hope you have a great sleepover if your going to have one! make sure you leave a comment and follow my blogs!
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But that all for now!!! SEE YOU SOON!!!


  1. I love sleepovers! Great choice of songs! I don't really like having big sleepovers either, it's better with just one person.

    Serena /

  2. Great post.I like much fun to do/eat/watch everything you love hh


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