My Birthday Wish list!

So if you didn’t already know, on the 22nd of September its my birthday!!!!!!!! I don’t know about you but the question I get asked the most leading up to my birthday is ‘what do you want for your birthday?’ or ‘what shall I get you for your birthday?’ my answer has been to everyone ‘I don’t know’ but secretly I do! I know I know I'm most probably not going to get everything I want for my birthday but these are the things that if you’re not sure what to get me… get me these!!! I'm JOKING you may be broke if you buy me all of these lol!

Starting with electronic things (?!?!?!) for about 2,945,839,384 year (not literally) I’ve wanted an Apple MacBook (in the colour rose gold if you were wondering) this would make writing blogs, editing photos and YouTube videos much much much easier! Also they're lot easier to take to places because there so thin, so I wouldn’t have to carry a HUGE laptop bag if I go out.

The next thing I’ve wanted for ages is the Canon 700d Camera because my camera at the moment doesn’t take videos! But... The 700d does take videos so if I get this camera I can finally make YouTube videos and then I can edit on my apple mac!! (I wish , life goals).

The next electronic thing I would LOVE is the DYSON supersonic hairdryer because it’s supposed to dry your hair much quicker than any other hairdryer and my hair takes about an hour to dry it with just any old dryer so I think this would actually be so helpful.

The last thing in this category I would love is an IPhone 7, they come out on the 16th of September and my birthday is on the 22nd so it would be pretty new! But I’m not sure what colour I would have!

Now onto beauty! (This might be long don’t worry if you want to skip to the next bit) 

I’ve wanted this since the day they it came out! The Urban Decay Naked eye shadow pallet I would literally have any of them! They're so pretty shades on all 3 pallets and omg omg omg there beautiful!!!!!!!!!! 

The next beauty thing I would love to have is the Anastasia Glow Kit, omg have you seen it? It’s beautiful!!!!! They are so glowy (I’m just ‘too’ good at explaining things) but hopefully know know what I mean!!!

I would love, love, love the Sleek i-divine Eye shadow pallet. I love them all but my favourite has got to  be AU Naturel, I first saw these in Boots but the next time I went to buy them they had gone! They had all sold out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  So upsetting I felt like curling up into a ball and crying in boots. But I didn’t so it’s alright.

The next thing is the Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil, Gimme Brow,  ka-brow, precicely my brow and either roller lash mascara or the they're real mascara (so not much, jokes) if I could have more… I would.

I want nearly all the Benefit eyebrow things because that’s mainly what Benefit is known for and the mascaras have been recommended to me so much! And my birthday is the perfect opportunity to ask for them!!!!!

This make up product I’ve wanted for ages; it's the Morphe350 eye shadow pallet because the colours are all so pretty and I know so many people who have it an they’ve always said that it’s been amazing!

A lot of people recently have been buying the Kylie Jenner Lip Kits, I want one sooo bad!! I love the shades Brown Sugar, Ginger, Dolce, Kourt K, Koko K and Candy K. I would ask for them all but they may be the last present ever! 

I don’t really know if these count as beauty but I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE is an Original Beauty Blender, so many people rave about them all the time, I’ve used the cheaper dupes but I would love to try the Original!

The next thing is some Real Techniques Brushes! I would have any of the sets or any of the bushes because I’m sure that they will be AMAZING. I just want to try some more of them and I need some new brushes anyway, but the ones that I have there so good and much better than cheaper brushes!

I think that’s all of the beauty for now! I could probably write about 10,000 more lines about what make up I would like but I’m not doing that today, if you would like to see that comment down below!

I’m not the biggest reader ever but I do really want these books (even though there not all proper reading books) .

The first book I really want is Tanya Bakes, I got her book Love, Tanya and there was a few recipes in there and OMG they look amazing! I love baking and I love Tanya burr!!!

The next book I really would like to have is Eat Smart by Naomi Smart, think it will be quite interesting to look at and I’m up for making and trying new foods!  Its only just came out so I would love to make things for my family from the book before they read it!!!

I also really want username: regenerated! by Joe Sugg because Username:evie was so good I want to read the sequel its not out yet though!

I don’t really know what you would call this category it’s kind of mix and match! 

I really want a new Pop Socket! If you don’t yet know what they are, they are grips that go on the back of your phone and they can also be used as a stand for your phone, if you follow my Instagram you would have seen a picture I posted of mine if not I’ll leave a link here. The reason I want a new one is because when I got mine it was the only one in the shop! But I wanted one so bad I just got it!

The next thing is also a phone accessory (kind of) I really want a new phone case. I already have a protective case from Tech21 but all the colour has started to chip of and when I dropped my phone it ruined the case (not that protective then hey) so I really want a new one because with the paint chips and the marks from where I dropped it, it looks a little tatty!

This isn’t something that I would get given but I really want my room doing! I only have a tiny bedroom so I need something that would use the space well! If any of you have any ideas for space saving ideas, colours schemes or anything. Feel free to tweet me or drop a comment!

I also would love a LUSH gift card or just some LUSH goodies because I love LUSH! It’s one of my favourite shops in the world! 

That is all for this blog! I know that I probably won’t receive many of the thing that I want but who cares!  A girl can dream hahaha!!

Thanks for reading make sure you comment and follow! Also follow my twitter and Instagram!

See you soon!! BYEEEEEE XOX

P.S. If you wanted to have a look at anything I mentioned you can by just clicking on them! xoxo

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  1. This is a really cool Wishlist! I recently got my mac book in April and I love it. Also I've heard super good things about the canon 700d for filming. I've been looking to get one of the glow kits forever as well haha X


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