Trying Collection Makeup:review

Trying Collection Makeup:review


So if you have read my other blogs you would know that I’ve used Collection make up before, like the Collection Lasting PerfectionConcealer and the Eyebrow Kit but I’ve never really tried. So when I was in Boots the other day (quite possibly my favourite shop) I decided to have a look at the rest of their products.

A lot of people have been writing in there blogs about the Prime & Ready Primer so I decided to get this along with the IlluminatingTouch Foundation, Supersize Fat Lash Mascara and two Lasting Colour Lipsticks in the shades Taffeta Bloom and Café au lait ( I love the names of the lipsticks).

When I got home I tried out everything. I did half of my face with the primer and half without and omg you can see the difference. It makes your foundation look so much mor natural and not as heavy on your face and this will definitely be part of my daily make up routine!

I love the Illuminating Touch Foundation it really brightens your face and it’s not really heavy either. It also looks really natural but it has great coverage too!

The Supersize Fat Lash Mascara is AMAZING!!!! It really lengthens your lashes and curls and it’s black as well. It also applies really easily and you don’t have to put much product on for it to have an effect.

I love lipsticks and I love the Collection lipsticks now! The only thing I would say is that I wish there was more matte colours because there was only two I think when I looked. But there all lovely colours anyway!
Taffeta Bloom is matte and it’s a quite summery pink colour. I don’t usually like pink on my lips, but I love this colour!

Café au lait it a very light nude, it’s a natural colour and I love wearing nude on my lip as you can probably tell, but it’s a very pretty colour. This one isn’t matte but it has a nice shine.

I hope you enjoyed this blog! Thanks for reading. Comment your favourite make up brand and I might try it out!

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Thank youuuu!


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