NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Review


I’ve been wanting to buy some NYX cosmetics for ages. I looked in every Boots and Superdrug I went past in the street. Me and my mum went to London yesterday and the day before and we went into Boots just to buy a drink and I saw it… a NYX stand in boots, I was so happy!!!

I was literally looking at the stand for about half an hour I think I tested out everything!

The thing that most people rave about are the Soft Matte Lip Cream’s so I decided to look at all of them. There are loads of different shades. I tried them all. The two I picked were Rome and Zurich they are both gorgeous colours! But just a warning. Always test the colours because they don’t look like they do in the tube.

But I tested them and I had to ask my mum if it was matte because it didn’t feel it. They are so light and it’s really soft, and it doesn’t dry your lips. I’m already a huge fan of them. I was trying to find my favourite colours but that was so hard because they are all so lovely and beautiful colours. As I said I chose the two colours called Zurich and Rome.
Zurich is a summery colour that is one of the main reasons I chose it. It’s a coral, pink toned lip cream it’s not too bright either. I love love love itttt!!!

Rome is a deep toned, kind of pinky brown (I’m not very good at explaining colours sorry about that!) colour but it’s a really lovely colour because it’s not too heavy like some other deep toned lip products.

Overall I love the NYX lip creams, there matte, amazing colours, long lasting and I think I have found a new favourite lip product!

Thank you all for reading I hope you all enjoyed! And I hope that I’ve helped. Comment if you have got any other shades and what the name of them is.  Also subscribe to my YouTube. Follow my Twitter. And follow my Instagram!


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  1. Zurich is such a gorgeous shade! I only have one of the soft matte lip creams but for me I actually do find them a little drying.



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