Hotel Playa Caprichio/ my holiday!

My Holiday!


So if you follow my social media (which is always linked at the end of my blog) you would know that for the past two weeks I have been on holiday. I was going to try and write a blog but you could only have internet on one device.

…but anyway…

The hotel was called Playa Caprichio and it’s in a place called Roquetas de Mar near Almeria. Its right at the bottom of Spain. The hotel was really nice and always so clean. The cleaners were always cleaning somewhere. Sadly, I didn’t get any photos of the hotel but you can have a look on their website if you seem interested! I will link it here!

The pool was MASSIVE it was quite deep. The deepest point was 2.30 meters deep and the shallowest was 1.25 meters. But it wasn’t too bad, I was a bit worried that I wouldn’t be able to swim but I was fine! There was also 2 little water slides. There was a tunnel and then just a normal slide. Everyone can go on them. There is also life guards that tell people when its okay to go. There are also always lifeguards around the pool which is nice to know.


Usually getting a sunbed in the morning is calm and easy. NO NO NO NO NO that is not the case here! In the morning just before 8 o’clock everyone gathers around the beds. They all get taped up at night so people cant reserve them. You can see everyone looking where they want to go. At exactly 9 o’clock someone blows a whistle and then everyone breaks through the tape, like they’ve just won at the Olympics, everyone charges to the beds that they want. You see people having arguments on where they want to sit. ITS CRAZYYYYYY! It doesn’t sound real but I promise you it is. People are so competitive. There not even joking!


If you find just lying on a bed sunbathing boring. There are plenty of things to do.

You can go for a walk down the front

There is a market and a big shopping centre which is a short bus ride away ( they have a Primark omg)

You can hire bikes, Segway’s and there is a few miles of just flat pavement that has a special rod for bikes. It is also good for push chairs and wheel chairs

There are also a few gift shops and restaurants nearby too!

And even more…


There is entertainment every night after the mini disco. Some days the animation team do it or they get different professional acts in including an illusionist and live music and both are amazing! In the day there is plenty to keep you entertained like there’s a mini golf course, table tennis table, arcade games inside, there is also a mini club and a teen club that do different activities throughout the day!


The staff are all really friendly but there was sometimes language barriers between all the Englsih and the staff. Like one day my mum asked the waiter for some bread and he came back with two lemonades (?!!?!!?!?!?!?!!?!?!!?). The hotel is very Spanish but very nice. There is all different nationalities including English, Spanish, French, Dutch and more!


I absolutely LOVED my holiday here and if you’re going or thinking of going I hope you enjoy it too! Thanks for reading!!!

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there is also loads of Pokémon's to find!


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