The Natural Collection New Make-Up Review

The Natural Collection New Make-up Review


So if you read my last blog you would have seen that I said about Natural Collection new products. I really wanted to try them, so I was in my local Boots Store so I went and bought them. They have 3 different high light sticks, an eyebrow pencil and a powder eye brow kit which has wax to set your brow in aswell. When I saw that the Natural Collection had bought out highlighters and eyebrow things I was so excited because there make up is so good quality but still so cheap!


The Highlighters

There are 3 new highlighters all together. Starting from the left colour which is called Copper Glow, it’s a very bronze highlighter and it has really warm tones, it has no scent which is quite good, because you can’t smell it on your face but I find you can with other highlighters.

The next colour is called Rose Glow, it is a light pink colour. I will probably use this one the most out of the 3 because it’s a quite natural looking highlight and I think it’s a really nice colour.

The final colour is called Coral Glow it is a pink colour with orangey tones. I didn’t think I would like this one but I do really like this! They all blend really easily and look great I don’t know why they didn’t think of making these before! I would defiantly buy them again!!!

The Eyebrows

I didn’t really know what to call this!


There are two new eye brow tools a powder and a pencil, I was very excited to use these!!!


So starting with the Powder Brow Pallet , my first thoughts were, ‘omg this is so powdery’ but when I put this onto my brow it didn’t fall onto my face, it gives a really natural look. The eyebrow kit comes with 1 powder, some wax to set your brow, an angled double sided brush and a spooly (a come to brush out any excess powder). Also its very compact so it doesn’t take up much room in my make-up bag. I would recommend this to everyone!!


The final thing is the Eyebrow Pencil, it looks really natural. Unlike most eyebrow pencils it doesn’t make your eyebrows look fake. Its really easy to apply. This also comes with a spooly so if you apply too much product it evens it out to give you a really natural brow!


I asked my mum which one she preferred she said that she couldn’t really tell the difference but she preferred the powder because she thought it looked a bit more natural. I would recommend these both to anyone there amazing quality for £1.99 and when I have finished them I will defiantly buy them again!


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