Summer Hacks

Summer Hacks


As its summer lots of people are going on holiday or having fun because its such a big break from school, and work (for some people anyway). So I thought I would tell you some helpful holiday hacks and some summer must haves!


The first summer hack is rolling up your clothes instead of folding them. Doing this gives you more spacing in your case/bag and also when you get your clothes out there not creased!


I don’t like taking my phone or money down to the beach or pool on holiday because I always think it will go missing or gets stolen. So when I saw this hack that changed it. All you do it get an old sun cream bottle and cut around the top so you can put your money or your phone in it then put the lid back on! Then you don’t make it obvious you have money or valuables on you. Or if you don’t want the trouble of cutting the bottle you can buy Safety Sun CreamBottles of the internet. I think this is a great idea!!


The next on if for the girls. Don’t you just hate it when your powders get broken in your suit case because they just get through around well that will happen no more!!! All you need to do is put a cotton wool pad in your compact powder, bronzer or blusher and then your make up will survive the journey!


This one if for people who stay at home over the holidays. So you don’t get bored. First write down everting that you would like to do over the holidays, then write down a plan for the whole of your holiday so you never get bored! But you do need some chill days, because it’s the holidays!


There are often holiday clubs that do different types of activities. So you could look on the internet or go to your nearest sport centre to see if they do any summer camps or activity days. Also some theatres do performing arts days if that’s your thing! They only cost a couple of pounds per day depending on what you want to do or sometimes they are free. This is also a great way to meet friends!


I hope this helped you with your summer! Make sure you comment what your doing this summer, follow and also follow my twitter@in_mia_land thanks for reading!!!!


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