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My name is Mia, I’m 12 years old and I’m from England. My mum always told me to write a diary to keep track of everything that’s gone on in my life so when I’m older I’ll be able to read it and remember all the good and not so good times in my life.

I’ve always wanted to start a blog but I wants too sure how to, but now I know so that’s why your reading this now! I think the hardest thing about starting a blog was the name, it has to be unique to you. It sounds like one of the easiest jobs but in fact it’s by far the hardest. So you’ll think of you name it will be the perfect name for you, but then you put it in and it’s been taken, so then you’ll have another think, then you think of a name that’s even better than the one before. So you type it in and again that’s been taken. I think its fate, so the names that had already been taken wasn’t for you but then you find the best off all the 100’s you thought of and that hasn’t been taken, so the world has left a space so you can have that name, well… that’s what happened to me!!!


So on this blog I’m going to be blogging about everything! My life, things that have gone on in my life, all the teenage dramas (even though technically I’m not quite a teenager) make up and just about me! Ill also taken any ideas for blogs from all of you. But before I start blogging properly I just have to say that my English isn’t the best! I’m sorry. I’ll try my best.


But anyway, thanks for reading if you still are, make sure you

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