My Favourite Make-up

My Favourite Make Up!

Every girl loves make up, but sometimes we don’t know what’s best to use. I am going to help you with your decision!


Some things might be better for me and not as good for you or the other way round. So I will tell you a variety of different make up products for you to try out! Hope you enjoy!!!


So starting with the base, (Foundation-tinted moisturiser) it’s always good to have a base layer as well as everything else because this really starts off your look. One of my favourite foundations is the RimmelLondon Lasting Finish Full Coverage Foundation I believe the price is about 6-7, which is very good for a full coverage foundation. It blends so easily and it has a nice natural look and also it has SPF 20 in so it protects your skin as well as making you look flawless. The next base layer which I would highly recommend is the Natural Collection Tinted Moisturiser it fells very light on your face and for a Tinted Moisturiser it has really good coverage, and also all Natural Collection Make up products are only £1.99! THIS IS AMAZING. It’s affordable for pretty much everyone. Also in there new summer range they have bought out some highlighters and eyebrow kits which I am looking forward to trying out very soon!!!


The next things are concealers, contours and highlighters. The concealer that everyone goes on about is the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer. OMG this is amazing. It hides any blemishes or dark shadows under your eyes, it was about £4 something I can’t really remember because they last sooo long, but for a concealer that works, that’s a reasonably good price! The highlight and contour I use is the Technic pallet, it actually has highlighters, concealers and contours in it which I think is amazing, I got this on offer for £3 but I’m not sure what the usual price is. They all blend really nicely and they look natural. You don’t have to drag your brush across your face to apply them either which I this is really good and it makes them very easy to use! I also use the W7contour and highlight pallet these are powders but they give a nice natural highlight and contour but I really like this pallet a lot!!!


Moving onto mascara I use the Rimmel London LashAccelerator Endless which does what it says it is the best mascara I’ve ever used! It stays on your lashes and doesn’t flake off which I find with lots of mascaras, but not with this one. I also sometimes use the Miss Sporty Curve ItPump Booster, it boosts your lashes and makes them very long and it curves them, I would recommend this to most people, the only thing what I don’t really like about it is that when you get the brush out of the tube there is a lot of product on the applicator so this makes the bottle very messy. But still it’s a great mascara!

 Onto The final Which is lips, I love love love the Natural collection lip liner in the shade Mulberry, I don’t usually like pink lips but I love this colour, I do colour the whole of my lips in with this, but on top I put the Natural Collection lip gloss on in the shade Caramel Shortcake. It’s very glossy but it goes really nicely with the lip liner, also the lip glosses smell soooo nice which is a bonus too!!! Sticking with the NaturalCollection lip products I also use the lip stick in the shade Fig Leaf it’s a pink nude colour but it had brown tones too and it’s just really nice to wear. And can I just say I love the names of the shades there so cute!!! The final lip product is the Rimmel London Provocaplips Kiss Proof lip colour in the shade number 7 called Skinny Dipping. This is stays on all day, you don’t have to take it out with you because you know that it will stay on, even if you eat or drink it stays put, I love these so much!


Anyway, hope this helped you, thanks for reading, make sure you follow and also if you have ever used any of these products comment what you think of them!!


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